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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Do you need to buy a full, unrestricted copy of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro? The one with all the advanced functionality you need, rather than the restricted version that comes with most PCs?

Do you need to upgrade a system and the deadline for a free upgrade is long gone? Or do you need the extra functionality that Windows 10 Pro has over Home version?

Look no further – right here you can buy and download your own copy, with a Windows 10 Product Key. You can burn to DVD or USB stick for safekeeping and load it onto your PC, tablet or laptop.

It’s transferable to any PC you own, as long as it’s only in use on one computer at a time.

Windows 10 Pro
Different Versions

Different Windows 10 versions

Both Home and Pro have the same core functionality of Windows 10. You get all the applications, games functionality, touch-screen and stylus functionality and the new applications like Edge, Windows Ink, the Start Menu and much more.

But Windows 10 Pro is the version to have for serious work. It has the infrastructure required to connect properly to enterprise domains, roaming features with Azure Active Directory and full Remote Desktop. You can also access a maximum of 2TB with Pro, as opposed to 128GB RAM with Home. There is also support for Hyper-V, the new version of Windows Server Virtualisation, which Windows 10 Home does not have, and Shared PC Mode which allows systems to be centrally configured for multiple user access.

Better security

Crucially Windows 10 Pro also has better security and analysis features. There’s Windows Information Protection and enterprise data protection, Bitlocker, Windows Assigned Access 8.1 and Windows Analytics.

It also has access to Windows Update for Business and updates can be delayed while you assess their impact – something Windows 10 Home users can only do for a very short time.

Better security
Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

What Windows version did you upgrade from?

If you have a system that’s been upgraded to Windows 10, as opposed to having it installed when new, the version you have will depend on the version you upgraded from. So if you had an OEM version of Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 7 Starter, Home or Basic, it’s likely that your free Windows 10 upgrade gave you Windows 10 Home, not Pro.

If, on the other hand, you had Windows 7 Ultimate/Pro, Windows 8 pro or 8.1 pro, you would have been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. So there are quite a few people out there who think they have the full Windows 10 experience and it’s not until they need to do something serious that the realise they only have the Home edition.

Buy and download Microsoft Windows 10 Pro here!

If you need Microsoft Windows 10 Pro you can get it now – just buy and download it.

You’ll get a full version, with a Windows 10 Product Key, that’s yours to do with as you wish. It’s transferable to any PC you own and the license is for one computer at any one time.

To fully unleash the complete power of Pro edition, get your full, unrestricted copy of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro here now.

Windows 10 Pro
Technical specifications
License type For 1 device (5 devices optional)
License pricing Retail
Language All languages included
Licensed for Business, commercial, corporate, home, student
Media type Download (.iso), license product key
Architecture 32/64-bit architecture
Licence duration Lifetime
Brand Microsoft
Shipping Digital download
Processor requirements 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
RAM requirements 2 GB or more
Hard drive space requirements Minimum: 20 GB

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    The download and entire installation was very smooth without any issues.